Adrienne Balcom LPC, LCDC, RYT

Primary Clinician

Adrienne finds fulfillment and gratitude through witnessing an individual's journey to wellness, authenticity, and self-love. She aims to create a safe and nonjudgmental space and values honesty and connection within the therapeutic relationship. Adrienne encourages clients to develop self-love and compassion by walking through life with more grace for themselves and others, less negative judgment of past mistakes, and the courage to continue making choices that are connected to their deepest values.

As a registered yoga teacher and clinical therapist, Adrienne recognizes a direct connection between the body and the mind. She incorporates the breath and encourages body awareness during individual and group sessions as an additional way to process emotions and stressors.

When not working with individuals in a therapeutic setting, Adrienne enjoys hiking the greenbelt, trying out new restaurants with family and friends, yoga and meditation, and spending time with her cats Oliver and Biscuit.