Connie Cole - Pain Management Specialist

Connie Cole, CPT, CHC, CYI

Wellness Director

Connie is single-handedly the most important non-clinical member of our amazing team of professionals. As a Biomechanical Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Yoga Instructor, her vast knowledge of varying conditions of the body is a valuable component in designing individualized therapies and protocols for our chronic pain and dual diagnosis residents.

She is AIPM Certified in Nutritional Pain Management and as part of her holistic approach she administers nutritional and physical assessments for each Driftwood resident and collaborates with our Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner, and Clinical team to determine effective programming to meet each individual’s needs on their path to recovery from chronic pain and addiction. She and her team develop and implement all exercise, experiential, and adventure-based programming and she is driven to help people live more functional, pain free lives. Connie is giving people their “body back” and her compassion and motivating spirit instill hope in our clients daily.

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