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Paul Bigley

Recovery Coach

Paul brings a wealth of experiences to the Driftwood Recovery team. Hailing from Albuquerque, NM, and having worked in the recovery industry since 2012, Paul has experiences ranging from direct care to Director of Operations. Paul believes he has found the most authentic version of himself as a recovery coach and is grateful for the opportunity to provide coaching and mentoring for the Driftwood community. As a Recovery Coach at Driftwood, Paul meets with individuals throughout the continuum of care to help guide them through the recovery process. Paul helps everyone find comfort in the appropriate fellowship of their choosing. This can range from AA, SMART, Refuge Recovery, to NAMI and Chronic Pain Anonymous. Paul fully understands that there isn’t a mold for everyone’s recovery to fit within and believes that helping everyone find their fellowship only benefits their long-term success.

Paul is motivated to provide exceptional care due to being a person in long-term recovery himself and knowing that recovery from hopelessness is a possibility for all. Paul’s primary goal is to prove through his own experiences that anyone suffering has the opportunity to experience the hope that recovery is possible.

When Paul is not helping others, he enjoys working out, watching movies, and being a connoisseur of Austin’s finest breakfast tacos.