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A Place Like No Other.

Where compassion, courage, and clinical excellence collide to create a truly personalized experience for clients seeking relief from chronic pain, addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

We offer a range of services from a multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals to promote overall wellbeing, including: evidence-based psychological therapies to strengthen the mind, physical reconditioning to strengthen the body, and individual and group therapies to strengthen the spirit.

Our Programs

Driftwood Recovery - Rehab in Austin, Texas

Residential medical detoxification / stabilization and assessment programming to assist in creating a blueprint for the appropriate level of care and best treatment approaches.

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Driftwood Recovery - Rehab in Austin, Texas

Inpatient treatment for adults seeking relief from addiction, co-occurring disorders, and chronic pain.

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Driftwood Recovery - Rehab in Austin, Texas

Supportive Housing and/or outpatient services (PHP, IOP, OP) for individuals transitioning back into the stressors of daily life; turning clinical insight into action.

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Our Approach

Pain Management and Rehabilitation
Center for Pain Management
Holistic Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery
Holistic Residential Recovery Center
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center
Treatment Center for Anxiety and Depression
Rehab Retreat for Depression and Anxiety

Applying customized, evidence-based therapies and health promoting activities to help people:

  • Overcome addiction & chronic pain
  • Manage their emotions and improve quality of life
  • Learn positive communication and relationship skills
  • Transition into the activities of healthy living through community integration
  • Turn clinical insight into action and build a recovery lifestyle
  • Be known, understood, and accepted by building a strengths-based identity.

Our full continuum of care ensures each individual receives the most appropriate level of treatment to meet their needs.

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Our Mission

To be principled in supporting the values of each of our staff and clients, allowing them to feel known, understood and accepted, in order to offer the optimal experience and design for long-term recovery.

Our Values

Rigorous Honesty

We deliver our clients an honest, loving message and implore our staff to be honest about their thoughts and feelings to ensure the best care during treatment programs.


We provide an environment rich in love and compassion to facilitate a healthy recovery foundation for our clients.


Our staff teaches clients to do the right thing when no one is looking.


It is paramount that our staff cultivate an experience in which our clients learn to enjoy life to the fullest.


Our experienced staff uses a multidisciplinary approach to guide our clients to physical and emotional sobriety.


cou·ra·geous re·cov·er·y

  • verb [kəˈrājəs rəˈkəv(ə)rē]
  • the bravery to break the cycle of suffering through surrender.


Driftwood and #cleancause are teaming up to ring in Recovery Month with a day of health and wellness. Our Alumni Coordinator Nick Borges with the help of the Driftwood Recovery Wellness Team have collaborated together and created an opportunity for the recovery community to freely participate in personal wellness. Come join the Driftwood team on September 22nd starting at 9 am with a swim in Barton Springs pool. We will then begin a Boot Camp workout at 10:30 am, followed by a Yoga class at 12 pm. Both held at Butler Park. ALL FOR FREE! Clean Cause will provide free water, Yerba Mate, and Clean energy drinks. Come for one session or join us for all three. We will accept donations supporting Communities for Recovery. We are very grateful to create this for the recovery community! #driftwoodrecovery #cleancause #collaborateforrecovery #communityforrecovery

Driftwood Recovery’s lead trauma therapist, Morgan Grace, is adding to her toolkit for trauma resolution. She is now training to provide treatment utilizing the Comprehensive Resource Model. Morgan has participated in the CRM Basic Training, Core Self, Obstacles to Embodiment, and will soon experience the CRM Healing Intensive training. We are very grateful for Morgan’s willingness to continue growing so she can continue changing people’s lives. #driftwoodrecovery #courageousrecovery

It was an honor to partner with Methodist Behavioral to host a breakfast for professionals in the Houston area. Thankful for all those who attended our event at the River Oaks Country Club. Collaboration is a must in order to provide long term support for those in need. #driftwoodrecovery #courageousrecovery #collaborateforrecovery

Driftwood Recovery’s President, Peter Fluor was the recipient of the 2019 Alumni Award from his high school Alma Matter, St. John’s School in Houston, Texas. Please view his full story on our website, as he shared it with the St. John’s families. #collaborateforcommunity #collaborateforrecovery

A group of total bad axes! Thanks to Ray Santamaria, Jeff Ball, and Sumen Virdee for coming out to spend time with us in the Hill Country. It is refreshing to see collaboration at work and to experience the joy in a life! Special thanks to Karen Meisels #driftwoodrecovery #courageousrecovery #pch #onetoone

We had a blast with La Hacienda and many of our friends last week! Thank you for the invite @lahacienda and allowing Driftwood Recovery and Team Drifters to be involved in such a great event. Special shout out to Nick Borges for bringing home the trophy, winning the skills challenge!! We are not a glum lot! #driftwoodrecovery #courageousrecovery

Our friend and colleague, Carver Brown, did an amazing job teaching back-to-basics with our staff and residents today. We are so grateful for his service work that has already helped thousands of human beings recovery from the disease of addiction. We love you Carver!

How do those working in the helping profession stay energized and connected with the work we do professionally? How do we maintain our own practice of well-being and self-care while maintaining our effectiveness in our professional lives? Please join us for an afternoon exploring these concepts and developing skills to remain effective individuals and professionals. #courageousrecovery

Driftwood Recovery - Rehab in Austin, Texas

Break the cycle of suffering through surrender.

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Committed to Excellence; We’ve proudly earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards.


Accredited NAATP Treatment Provider and Member in good standing, held to the Nation’s highest standards in ethics, marketing, and service delivery among addiction treatment providers.