Alumni Program

Why is a strong Alumni program important?

The healing process begins when someone enters our gates at Driftwood Recovery, but this is just the start of a new way of living.

Recovery from addiction and chronic pain is a journey that continues long after someone completes treatment. We believe that a strong and vibrant alumni program is vital to an individual’s support during their reintegration into everyday life.

The Alumni family is a peer-driven network that provides the accountability, service, and encouragement that promotes long-term recovery post-treatment. Our Alumni Coordinator, Evan Thornton, and Director of Client Services, Mason Aselage, encourage Alumni to remain engaged with the Driftwood family by organizing ongoing meetings, socials, and service opportunities.

In order to strengthen the connection between our Driftwood Alumni, the alumni team has helped develop the Driftwood Recovery App, a private mobile platform that fosters engagement and support. The app allows all of our Alum to stay in touch regardless of where they are engaging in a program of recovery. Within the app, Alumni share recovery milestones, support, and encouragement for their fellow Alumni, and access recovery-focused podcasts, articles, and book recommendations provided by our Clinical and Wellness staff. The entire Driftwood staff and family of Alumni work hard to uphold a safe space for healing within the app and the entire Alumni program. We believe each individual requires respect, support, and compassion, regardless of where they are on their recovery journey.

Ongoing Alumni Events

Our ongoing Alumni events, held weekly at our SoCo CIP and Riverside House, allow for fellowship and fun in sobriety and create a sense of community among our Alums. Alumni play an integral role within our Community Integration Program and their presence and participation in weekly meetings and activities provides support and encouragement for current Driftwood residents while allowing our Alumni to share their experience, strength and hope.

Our Driftwood App, Alumni meetings and recovery events, and Alumni Ambassadors are all in place to keep the courageous recovery legacy in motion.


1st Thursdays

Alumni Check-in Meeting

Monthly meeting to check in on each Alumni and their progress. How is work, school, volunteering? Have they been meeting with their sponsor and doing step work? What is the status of the relationships in their life? Where do they need support? This meeting is an opportunity for everyone to keep their finger on the pulse of the community and provide support and hold accountability, where needed.

Driftwood Recovery - Texas Detox Retreat

2nd Thursdays

Recovery Yoga on The Green

Relaxing, restorative, outdoor yoga under the twinkle lights on the greenspace lawn next to our SoCo CIP. This meditation and recovery focused practice allows Alumni a serene setting to set intentions and check in with their mind, body, and spirit.

Austin, Texas Detox and Rehabilitation

3rd Thursdays

Speaker Meeting

Closed meeting of Driftwood Alumni where guest speakers from the recovery community share their experience, strength, and hope with our alumni.

Austin, Texas Detox and Rehabilitation

4th Thursdays

Alumni Social

Where one of our Driftwood values, Enjoyment, comes to life. Monthly opportunity for everyone to get together for some sober fun: game night, ice cream socials, movie night, dinner, bowling, to name a few.

Austin, Texas Residential Detox Center

1st Tuesdays

Driftwood Family Dinner and Alumni Speaker Meeting

Family-style dinner prepared by Alumni, followed by a meeting at our Riverside house. Opportunity for new and seasoned alumni to connect and foster a sense of community and support.

Additional opportunities for Driftwood Alumni to stay engaged and active in the recovery community:

  • ✓ Spring and Fall Driftwood Alumni Renewal Retreats held in April and October
  • ✓Alumni Ambassador Program
  • ✓Alumni Panel for Courageous Family Program - “What’s Next” Community Panel
  • ✓ Alumni Softball through Recovery ATX – The “Drifters” play one Saturday a month at Walnut Creek Park
  • ✓ In-house AA meeting at Driftwood on Wednesday nights
  • ✓ Open-gate policy to visit residents and clinical team at Driftwood (3).png

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