What is the Driftwood Experience?

Our People

Each passionate and dedicated member of our team was selected for their specialty, experience and compassion. We believe that quality of care is directly linked to employees feeling valued and empowered in their role. Our strengths-based environment and dedication to organizational health allows for each team member to see the importance of their part in the collective success of the team. We take great pride in fostering a work community that both excites and challenges our employees so that we may best serve our clients and their families. We have found that when employees feel known, understood, and accepted they thrive in their role, leading to a more positive treatment experience for all involved.

Our Program

We consider Driftwood Recovery to be a legacy program, built on integrity and excellence and intended to outlast our Founders so that we may serve future generations. We are dedicated to the long term and backed by a driving force: to help another human being recover.

We are a small, privately owned organization and we believe this allows us to provide authentic care in a multitude of ways. First, it allows for clinical freedom to collaborate with experts in our field, allowing for a more creatively constructed, well-rounded treatment episode. Another benefit is our ability to practice transparency, not only with our team, but with the clients and families we serve. When decisions are made by you and not for you there is a greater sense of responsibility and commitment to integrity. Lastly, we are generous with our time and do not operate under the time constraints that are so common in healthcare today. Healing takes time; change takes time. At Driftwood we hold space for each client in our care so that our team can facilitate sustainable change and healing in the lives of our residents.

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Break the cycle of suffering through surrender.

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