5 Startling Facts About Meth [Infographic]

You may not know many facts about meth. While you might know that it’s addictive, do you know how dangerous meth use can be? Every year, tens of thousands of people visit hospital emergency rooms for meth-related reasons. Stroke, visual impairment, and death can all result from meth abuse. However, these are far from the only startling facts about the drug.

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5 Startling Facts About Meth

Not all meth use is illicit. In fact, pharmacy-grade methamphetamine can help people with obesity or attention deficit disorders. It’s the illegal form—crystal meth—that users are more familiar with.

Some surprising facts about meth include:

  1. Known as “meth mouth,” many users begin to lose their teeth at a rapid rate as a result of neglected oral hygiene.
  2. Long-term use can lead to skeletal muscle tissue loss, which may explain why someone who’s abused the drug for a long time can have motor and coordination issues.
  3. It causes brain damage similar to stroke and Alzheimer’s sufferers.
  4. Meth use may increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, according to some studies.
  5. It causes a much higher dopamine release than sex or food. This can explain why it’s so addictive since people find meth use more pleasurable than anything else.

Overcoming Addiction

Whether you became addicted after just one hit or you developed a dependency over several months, meth effects can be extremely damaging. Getting treatment for addiction is crucial. Rehab can save your life or the life of a loved one.

The momentary high will quickly lead to depression, anxiety, and confusion. Some users experience paranoia and psychosis.

None of the negative effects of meth use are worth that short-lived high. They’re also not worth the damage done to your body or family relationships. If you know someone with a meth addiction, it’s vital to encourage him to get into rehab. If you’re the one with a drug or alcohol dependency, it’s not too late.

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