Exercise for Pain Relief: Does It Work?

When people struggle with addiction, one thing that becomes more difficult is pain management. In most cases, they can’t take the opioid pain medications that doctors usually prescribe. As a result, they have to count on a more holistic approach to pain relief such as exercise. However, does exercise for pain relief really work?

Exercise for Pain Relief

When people suffer from pain, doctors say that one of the best ways to manage it is to keep moving. This is because tendons and muscles get weak and stiff when people don’t use them. The design of the body is for performing activities rather than just sitting.

As a result, exercising is a great way to manage arthritis, as well as back, leg, and other pain, naturally. Best of all, people can manage their pain without taking potentially addictive medications. It’s the perfect option for those struggling with addiction.

Exercise Releases Endorphins

A lot of people don’t understand how exercise helps them manage pain. One reason is that it releases endorphins in the brain. This chemical triggers a reward response and blocks pain signals throughout the body.

Since exercise releases endorphins, it’s a good way to manage drug cravings too. Because of that, the benefits of exercise are twofold for those who struggle with both drug problems and pain. It can be hard to believe that something as simple as exercising can bring relief. However, it’s true.

Get Into a New Habit

Beyond pain relief, exercising also gives people a new hobby to enjoy. Finding new hobbies is ideal for those who are in recovery from addiction. They need something to fill the void that drug or alcohol use leaves behind when they stop using. Exercising is a wonderful way to feel better, relieve pain, and fill idle time.

Health Benefits Beyond the Body

Exercise for pain relief provides more benefits than just the physical ones. People who exercise typically enjoy spiritual and mental benefits as well. Exercising is also an excellent method of reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. In general, they feel better about themselves after they exercise.

Find Out More About Holistic Treatment

At Driftwood Recovery, we know how important holistic pain relief is. Whether you need pain relief that fits addiction recovery or just natural, holistic pain relief, we can help. In fact, we offer a number of fantastic programs to suit your needs. Some of our programs and services include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Holistic recovery
  • Intensive outpatient rehab
  • 12 Step treatment
  • Group counseling
  • Individual therapy

Find out how exercise for pain relief can help you manage pain without medication. Remember that you don’t have to live with pain just because you can’t take traditional pain medication. Call us today at 866-426-4694 for more ways that we can help you.