Inpatient vs Outpatient

While choosing a rehab program, you’ll face one major decision: Inpatient vs outpatient. Ultimately, both options offer similar treatment and support. However, there are notable differences between them. Take a look at your recovery options and decide whether inpatient or outpatient is right for you.


The biggest difference between inpatient vs outpatient care is where Clients sleep each night. For example, in an inpatient program, Clients can expect 24/7 care. This means from morning to night, they’re on the premises under staff supervision. Additionally, this includes meals and sleep, so staff shows each Client the proper accommodation.

Conversely, in outpatient programs, Clients don’t spend the night. Instead, they head home every evening to be with family members. While each day still has structure and routine, they’ll have access to the familiar comforts of home.

24/7 Support System

Both inpatient and outpatient programs are beneficial. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your current support system. Outpatient programs are usually best for those who already have a trustworthy support system.

For example, a young adult might be able to stay with their parents each night. If the parents are committed to recovery, then they act as major support for their struggling teen. However, a person living alone might not want to risk attending an outpatient program. Thus, having the 24/7 support of inpatient care could be a better option for them.

Reduced Relapse Risks

Addiction recovery is complex. There are ups and downs, and inherent struggles. Relapse is a significant obstacle and some Clients have already had trouble with this. If you or your loved one suffered a relapse, then committing to inpatient care might be best.

Overall, inpatient care is more intensive and gives Clients a better chance of reaching lasting success. If outpatient care didn’t work for you, it makes sense to commit to the 24/7 accountability, structure, and support inpatient programs provide.


In many ways, inpatient drug rehab is an excellent choice. However, it lacks the flexibility of outpatient care. Many Clients want to continue their education, careers, or family responsibilities during rehab. In these cases, the flexibility of outpatient care allows for more personal freedom.

Inpatient vs Outpatient at Driftwood Recovery

At Driftwood Recovery, incoming Clients choose from a variety of comprehensive recovery programs. Inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization programs are all viable options to consider. These programs offer diverse treatment methods and an emphasis on lasting sobriety. The treatments you’ll have access to during your stay include:

  • Yoga therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy

Both inpatient and outpatient programs are effective rehab options. Regardless, at Driftwood Recovery in Texas, Clients look forward to comprehensive and holistic care. Call 866-426-4694 today if you’re ready to permanently overcome your addiction.