Making Positive Personal Change in Your Mental Health Journey

Making Positive Personal Change in Your Mental Health Journey

Part of a person's mental health journey is learning the importance of positive personal change. These changes can be hard at first, especially for people who are naturally more cynical than others. However, being able to make a positive personal change helps people not just improve their mental health but also enjoy life as a whole. It can be difficult to know where to start or what a positive personal change looks like, but it's possible to make these changes with the right help.

That's why clients learn how to make a positive personal change at Driftwood Recovery. With the assistance of qualified mental health care professionals spanning many disciplines, clients have the resources they need to make these changes. Over time, anyone can learn how to view the world and their mental health in a more positive light. But how does someone make these changes, and why are they so important? To understand, we must first examine the effects positivity can have on someone's overall mental health.

How Does Positivity Affect Mental Health?

Our outlook on life has a bigger impact on our mental health than what many would expect. Currently, research is being done on the link between our view on life, both positive and negative, and its effects on our mental health. As of now, we know there is a link between positivity and increased wellness. Numerous articles are being published today about how positivity and mindfulness can affect overall wellness. We may not fully understand how these positive thoughts affect us, but we can see the evidence that they do help.

Making a positive personal change can especially help those who are struggling with a chronic or long-lasting mental health disorder or illness. For example, according to one 2016 study, it's been found that positive thinking can help reduce worry in those struggling with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Thinking more positively can give someone the hope they need to seek and undergo treatment. Sometimes, positive thinking can help with certain conditions and allow someone to recover sooner than expected.

When we examine people who have a more pessimistic life view, we can see how they can negatively impact a person's mental health. A pessimistic person may feel that they have no hope when it comes to treatment. They may feel as though there is no reason to try, especially for those struggling with learned helplessness. It can take a long time to break someone free of these negative thoughts and allow themselves the chance to seek help and recover. So, making a positive personal change doesn't just make you feel better; it can also play a serious role in treatment and recovery.

What a Positive Personal Change Looks Like

To make a positive personal change, a person must accept that they need to make changes. Treatment relies on this, as treatment for mental health disorders is not effective unless the client recognizes that they need help and then accepts it. Everyone is constantly growing and improving, and there are always changes a person can make to make them more healthy. A positive personal change is something you can do to improve your own life. For example, a person can make a positive personal change by changing their diet. This doesn't mean starving themselves. It means finding a way to get the nutrition they need while enjoying the food they eat.

Making a positive personal change also doesn't mean putting yourself down or thinking you need to be perfect. Perfection is an illusion and only sets someone up for failure. Instead, focus on being a person that you would be proud to be. Another example of a positive personal change is to be kinder to yourself. Some do this by practicing positive affirmations or finding parts of themselves to celebrate. In the end, making enough positive personal changes will leave you feeling better, both physically and mentally.

How Do I Make a Positive Personal Change?

Again, a positive personal change can only be made when someone accepts that they need help. Then, it's reaching out to professionals who can help them make these life changes. Driftwood Recovery is a place where clients can make several positive changes with the help of mental health care professionals. Part of the assessment process involves working with a client to determine areas that need help or improvement. Then, it's working with the dedicated specialist to instruct and guide a client through making the necessary changes.

It's always okay to start small when making a positive personal change. Many times, a client will start small and work their way up to harder tasks. Think of it like exercising at a gym. You never start with big weights if you are a beginner, as that is a good way to injure yourself. Instead, you start with what is comfortable and work your way up to bigger weights as you grow stronger. The same philosophy can be tied to mental health and making a positive personal change to benefit it. Work first to identify changes that need to be made and then seek professional help to make the changes happen.

It's important to remember that no positive personal change is too small, and no mental health care professional will judge you for the changes you need to make. Making a positive personal change is an individual and deeply personal journey that takes time and effort to accomplish. The goal of any mental health care professional and treatment provider is to guide the client and provide help when needed. This process may take a while, but in the end, anyone is capable of making a positive personal change. They just need to believe that they can do so.

Part of receiving mental health care is learning how to make personal positive changes in your life. When someone cannot see positivity, they can become bogged down by negativity. This can cause someone to give up or stop trying, especially when they are attempting to recover from a serious mental health disorder. That's why at Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood and Austin, Texas, clients are encouraged to bring positivity into their lives. This is done by the use of therapies designed to inspire self-confidence, teach healthy coping skills, and encourage compassion for oneself. If you or a loved one is struggling to make positive personal changes, don't give up hope. Call Driftwood Recovery today at (512) 759-8330.