What Is Therapeutic Recreation?

Therapeutic recreation is one therapy option that drug rehab facilities use. But what is therapeutic recreation? Furthermore, what are the benefits that can come from the use of this effective tool?

What Is Therapeutic Recreation?

Recreational therapy is the use of various leisure activities to provide healing from difficult problems. Leisure activities can help improve a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health. However, what is therapeutic recreation used for in the rehab setting? The goals of recreational therapy often center around building effective relationships and problem-solving skills, as well as gaining more confidence.

What Benefits Come from Therapeutic Recreation?

What is therapeutic recreation designed to do for those struggling with addiction? The answer to this question lies in understanding the benefits that this treatment can offer. Consider the following advantages this therapy provides:

Reduction in Stress

Although we all have stress every day, those facing addiction often have a hard time dealing with it. Of course, leisure activities can be relaxing. They can also provide a sense of fulfillment that can make life more enjoyable.

Positive Relationships

Some leisure activities involve other people. This can lead to the development of meaningful relationships that can last for many years. These activities can improve trust-building behaviors, communication skills, and other facets of socialization.


Proper self-esteem can be lacking in those struggling with addiction. Some leisure activities can allow a person to eventually develop a healthy sense of pride. As a result, many different areas of life can improve.

Less Depression and Anxiety

It is common for people with an addiction to become depressed or nervous as well. Recreational activities can lower the risk of these complications.

Creating an Effective Treatment Plan

Therapeutic recreation can involve many types of activities. For example, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, fitness therapy, and similar functions can come together to form an effective treatment plan. Recreation therapy elements combine with counseling, group therapy, and behavior therapies to form comprehensive treatment plans.

How to Motivate Someone You Love

Many people who struggle with addiction resist getting help. Even though they do not want to keep suffering, they might be afraid that the treatment process will be too hard. Fear and anxiety surrounding treatment are normal. You might be able to motivate your loved one by being there to listen to his concerns. Offering reassurance that treatment is a worthwhile endeavor may be the best thing you can do for your loved one’s future success.

Finding a Quality Treatment Facility

Do not feel overwhelmed when looking for a rehab center. Driftwood Recovery is a pain and substance abuse rehab center in the Driftwood, Texas area. The in-depth programs offered by Driftwood can provide you with relief from addiction-related problems. By performing a complete evaluation of everyone, each person will find that their unique treatment needs are met.

Don’t let an untreated addiction ruin the quality of your future life. You can recover from addiction by getting help from a facility that provides quality treatment options like therapeutic recreation. Call Driftwood Recovery at 866-426-4694 to learn more about how to get started on the road to recovery.