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Brad Perry

Recovery Coach

Brad has been a member of the Driftwood Recovery team since 2019. During this time, Brad has held multiple positions, including being the primary Recovery Coach, Riverside House Manager, and Care Coordinator. Brad previously volunteered as an Avocational Peer Support with the Austin State Hospital and Shoal Creek Hospital, which provide mental health and substance abuse support to the local Austin community. Before his work at Driftwood, Brad owned a small retail business and was a professional model builder for aerospace, entertainment, and private commissions.

As part of the Driftwood team, Brad introduces and or supports the Driftwood community by engaging in a variety of recovery programs. He works with each resident in the care of Driftwood through the completion of the program.

Brad is motivated by his personal recovery and the opportunity to help others discover and become the best version of themselves.

When not at Driftwood, Brad enjoys spending time with his wife, three grown children, and his granddaughter. He also enjoys camping, hiking, road trips, old airplanes, and avocational archaeology.

“When I focus on the solution, the solution gets bigger!”