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Lori Leonard LCSW, CIP

Consulting Family Therapist

Lori has over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and addiction including working in school, hospital, residential, and private practice settings. In 2011 she narrowed her focus to specialize in working with families; by developing and facilitating family programs and intensives, providing family coaching and consulting, and facilitating interventions. More recently, she has expanded into a deep love of working with couples to assist in their struggle for connection and also provide therapy to those identifying as having issues with codependency and trauma in their family of origin. Lori’s training and early work experiences come from attachment theory and are much of a framework for her practice today.

As Family Consultant, Lori provides Driftwood client families with support, education, and coaching around their own experiences as loved ones impacted by a family member with substance use and mental health challenges. She is an active member of the Driftwood team and co-facilitates family therapy sessions to aid in the healing of family relationships. Lori is deeply passionate about working with families as she sees the benefit of family members doing their “own work”, and how this contributes to the overall success of the client’s own recovery. Lori knows firsthand the deep pain families feel as her own family has suffered from addiction and mental health issues. She believes in the power of recovery and wants to instill a sense of hope in the families she works with.

Lori enjoys spending time with family and fostering the relationship with her two teenage daughters, which is sometimes challenging. She is an avid lover of nature and travel. A perfect day in her life would be spent hiking in the mountains of Colorado and winding down the day eating sushi or some other interesting food. She is a dog person and has a bit of a codependent relationship with her Pug Tilly.