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Mason Aselage

Director of Recovery Services

Mason has become one of the longest-tenured team members at Driftwood Recovery. He was hired in Driftwood’s first year and has taken advantage of the opportunity to work in many different areas of the program. His collective experiences throughout the program have molded him to become the Director of Recovery Services. Mason is a person in long-term recovery himself and has made it his mission to help the Driftwood Recovery community become fully immersed with the local recovery communities. Mason began as a Care Coordinator, providing direct care for Driftwood’s residential community. Shortly thereafter, he became a CCAR certified Recovery Coach and transitioned to providing direct care within the outpatient levels of care. He soon became the Direct Care Manager, leading the team of care coordinators. As Director of Recovery Services, Mason still oversees the Care Coordinator team at all levels of care, but he also plays a major role within the Alumni Association. He and the alumni team coordinate all events for the current community and all alumni. Driftwood Recovery would not be where it is today without Mason on the team!

After a long battle with addiction and many failed attempts at recovery, Mason was able to, Mason achieved sobriety through the 12 steps. His recovery has since progressed to a deeper level through therapy and continued work. Mason believes that those struggling with addiction are in desperate need of finding purpose, community, and a practical program of action to enable them to become the best versions of themselves. It is his passion to help those who are struggling to find a path that will work for them and walk with them until they can walk on their own.

“Miracles happen every day, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.”