Finding Healing for Trauma at Driftwood Recovery

Finding Healing for Trauma at Driftwood Recovery

For many, finding healing for trauma can be a difficult process. There is a lot of shame and stigma surrounding trauma that discourages some from seeking help. Many may not know how to discuss their trauma or block their trauma out entirely. When people cannot find help in healing from trauma, it can manifest in negative ways. In most cases, it can lead to a lifetime of constant stress and fear. If severe enough, it can develop into a mental health disorder such as addiction or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Nobody deserves to struggle with their trauma, and anyone can find healing from trauma. Treatment facilities like Driftwood Recovery focus on providing comfort and safety to those who are struggling with trauma. With specialized treatment and compassionate care, one can fully find healing from their trauma. But before we can understand what it takes to recover and find healing for trauma, we must first understand what trauma is.

A Brief Overview of Trauma

Trauma is the result of a person experiencing an event that is scary, painful, or shocking. The most common sources of trauma are:

  • Natural disasters
  • War
  • Violence, such as animal attacks and assault
  • Violations of safety, such as a burglary
  • Accidents, such as car crashes
  • Abuse of all types

These events have a profound effect on a person's nervous system and psyche. In some cases, it can be severe enough to cause long-lasting problems, such as chronic nightmares and high stress, making healing from trauma difficult. Trauma is a cause behind many conditions, most commonly anxiety disorders and addiction.

Though it can feel like the pain won't ever end, anyone can find healing for trauma. It requires treatment specializing in trauma along with the personal desire and willpower to overcome it. The treatments that can help vary just as much as the trauma it's designed to treat. Finding the right treatments for your trauma requires working closely with a treatment provider to find which treatment will be most effective for your recovery. The path it takes to find healing for trauma is deeply personal and may take some time, but it is achievable with the right help.

Common Treatments Used for Healing From Trauma

There are several treatments used specifically to aid clients in healing from trauma. Perhaps the most commonly used therapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps clients identify harmful thoughts and behaviors. Then, a treatment provider works with the client to replace these thoughts and behaviors with healthy coping skills. By talking through their trauma, clients learn that it wasn't their fault and thus can find healing from trauma.

Another commonly used treatment for trauma is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. This type of therapy involves using rapid eye movement to “reprogram” stressful memories with new positive beliefs. It's typically used for PTSD, but it's useful for anyone who wants healing from trauma, especially combined with other treatments.

Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation, are also effective in allowing clients to find healing from trauma. They promote healing from trauma by reminding the client that they are in the here and now and not trapped in the past events that harmed them. For some, especially survivors of abuse, mindfulness helps them re-take their lives and find happiness in the present.

In some cases, medication can help assist with healing from trauma. There is no magic pill that can make trauma go away, but some medication can help make the treatment process more comfortable. Mood stabilizers and anti-anxiety medications are the most common medicines prescribed in the aid of trauma treatment. Medications are used as an assistance tool and cannot replace a comprehensive treatment plan, which is the only way to truly heal from trauma.

How Driftwood Recovery Provides Healing for Trauma

Clients find healing for trauma at Driftwood Recovery by utilizing its extensive and comprehensive treatment programs. With a highly specialized and professional staff, clients can be treated for other disorders directly resulting from their trauma. Driftwood Recovery believes in care at all levels of treatment. Even something as simple as having a nutritious hot meal from the in-house chef plays an important role in healing from trauma by also providing comfort.

Driftwood Recovery utilizes scientifically backed and effective treatments such as CBT alongside wellness activities, such as exercise and meditation, to aid healing from trauma. The goal of this is not just to provide therapy but also to remind the client that they are a different person compared to when the trauma occurred. Part of treatment at Driftwood Recovery is healing from trauma by learning to live your life again.

Clients also have access to a safe and secure campus. Many people don't like being scrutinized when they are trying to find healing from trauma. The noise and bustle of something like a big city treatment facility may be too much for some traumatized clients. To meet their needs, clients receive care on a beautiful and encouraging campus that fulfills their needs for privacy. There is room to spread out and enjoy the power of nature as a catalyst in healing from trauma. For those who require medicine as part of treatment, medication assistance allows clients to utilize medication safely and effectively.

Healing from trauma is possible, even if it feels like it will last forever. It takes a lot of bravery, but finding the power within can start your journey of healing from trauma. Don't let your life be smothered under the weight of trauma. Free yourself by reaching out for help today.

Trauma is known as one of the major factors behind mental health disorders and illnesses. It can be severe enough to completely overshadow a person's life, causing them to live in pain and fear. Trauma may seem overwhelming, but it's possible to heal and recover from it. Here at Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood and Austin, Texas, clients have access to specialized comprehensive treatments designed to help them overcome trauma. With the assistance of compassionate and understanding staff, clients have the tools they need to recover in comfort and safety. If you or a loved one is struggling with trauma, don't wait to start your recovery journey. Call (512) 759-8330 today.