The Importance of Safety and Security at Driftwood Recovery

The Importance of Safety and Security at Driftwood Recovery

One of the fundamental feelings a person must consistently have for mental wellness is safety and security. Without the ability to feel safe and secure, it's nearly impossible to maintain mental wellness. For example, it's difficult for those in treatment to progress if they are constantly afraid of physical and emotional harm. It's especially important now to stress how safe modern mental health treatment is, as its media portrayals are often less than ideal or rely on outdated depictions for a cheap scare. Without this reassurance, people are less likely to seek the help they need.

That is why at treatment facilities like Driftwood Recovery, care is taken to make sure that safety and security are upheld for every client. As our understanding of mental health care grows, so too does our ability to provide a safe and supportive treatment environment. This philosophy can be found at any mental health care and addiction treatment facility, allowing clients everywhere to be assured of their safety and security.

However, it can be difficult for someone to trust a treatment facility, especially if they have experienced judgment or belittlement in the past. To allow healing to reach those in need, we must explain why the values of safety and security in treatment facilities are upheld so strictly.

Why Is Safety and Security So Important?

As mentioned before, a lot of our mental health hinges on our feelings of safety and security. When we experience events or live in environments that strip away these feelings, it can be difficult to relax. Perhaps the most well-known conditions resulting from a lack of safety and security are anxiety disorders. Some common examples include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). People who struggle with these anxiety disorders often turn to external means to relax or quiet their symptoms. Usually, it ends in a substance use disorder (SUD), which quickly leads to addiction.

The ability to feel safe directly factors into how effective the treatment will be for an individual. If a person cannot relax and rest properly, they may experience burnout and frustration. This greatly slows progress and can cause someone to quit treatment altogether. It's especially true for those who are more private and don't want the world to know they are in treatment. Without this trust, people are often afraid to seek treatment, which prolongs their pain. To reduce this likelihood, a great effort has been taken to educate the public about modern mental health treatment to put these common fears to rest.

Understanding Modern Mental Health Treatment

One reason why someone may refuse treatment is that they are afraid. Modern media typically portrays rehab and other treatment programs as something akin to prisons. Our nation's history of mental health treatment is often used as a prop in horror movies to scare their audience. It is not unusual for someone to believe that enrolling in a treatment program means being trapped while being subjected to outdated practices and abuses.

The truth is that the standards of safety and security of modern treatment facilities are high. These facilities are regularly inspected and staffed by professionals to make sure each client is safe. Modern mental health treatment is scientifically backed and is subject to peer review. If a safer and more effective treatment is discovered, modern mental health care facilities will make that treatment standard as quickly as possible.

It's now common for mental health care facilities to choose to build in green and out-of-the-way places. By taking their facilities away from foot traffic, clients can recover with an increased level of privacy. Mental health care facilities are not places where clients can expect to be gawked at. Each mental health care professional and treatment provider understands the importance of safety and security for their clients to promote healing. After all, without the trust between provider and client, healing cannot proceed at all.

The Driftwood Recovery Approach to Safety and Security

Safety and security are important to the staff at Driftwood Recovery. Each client who enters treatment deserves to feel safe and secure. That is why many professionals are on staff to make sure each client remains safe.

For example, with medical professionals on staff, clients don't have to worry about being too far away from help during a medical emergency. Specialized treatment providers who understand chronic pain help those who struggle with them find relief. Even those who participate in therapeutic recreational activities such as rope courses can expect to be cared for by professionals. No matter the activity, clients can be assured that it will be safe.

Safety and security are especially valuable to clients who have a public presence. No matter who the person is, they still deserve to recover in a peaceful environment. To meet this need, the staff at Driftwood Recovery make sure that their clients are not bothered and maintain client privacy and confidentiality at all times. Clients have access to quiet places to rest and recharge, preventing treatment burnout and promoting relaxation.

It's always okay to ask staff members about the safety and security policies at Driftwood Recovery. They will be more than happy to explain their policies to reassure you that you are truly safe. If, for any reason, you feel unsafe, you are encouraged to speak to a staff member right away. The staff members care about you and your recovery and will work hard to make sure you feel safe. By extending trust in professionals to help you, it allows you to open yourself up to treatment. With trust, time, and treatment, you can recover from anything.

Those who are recovering from mental health conditions and chronic pain require a safe and secure place to heal. Without this security, it can be difficult for those in treatment to focus, which prolongs the time it takes to recover. That's why at Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood and Austin, Texas, safety and security are important values that every staff member uphold. Here, clients can recover without worry that their privacy will be infringed upon. Under the supervision of professionals, clients can receive the comprehensive and compassionate treatment needed to achieve recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health, call Driftwood Recovery today at (512) 759-8330.