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What Can I Expect in Medical Detox at Driftwood Recovery?

The first step most clients take when beginning addiction treatment is medical detox. Movies and other popular media often depict medical detox incorrectly, where uncaring staff leave clients alone to suffer through withdrawal. Actual medical detox differs greatly. It's a safe process performed by compassionate medical professionals while working closely with their clients. Medical detox has allowed many clients the support they need to recover from addiction.

However, medical detox is not often discussed, leaving many to wonder what happens during the process. Knowledge of what medical detox is doesn't just aid those considering treatment. It also helps society understand and care for those who need help. By understanding the process, we can further understand why medical detox is so important, and what to expect should you or a loved one require it.

Why Is a Medical Detox Necessary?

When a person struggles with addiction, it changes the chemistry in their brain. The brain being constantly bathed in chemicals from substances will begin to expect it as part of its normal functions. When the brain cannot get these substances, it causes withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms vary from substance to substance, but all withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and even distressing. In some cases, some substances, such as opioids, can cause withdrawal symptoms severe enough to cause medical emergencies.

A client cannot focus on treatment or recovery if they have to constantly fight through withdrawal symptoms. Many times, a person will simply use substances again instead of dealing with painful withdrawal symptoms. This causes a constant cycle of distress that can demotivate someone into giving up before their recovery journey can even begin. Medical detox helps by stopping this cycle and providing professional medical oversight. Without this service, a client has to struggle, sometimes for a long time without success, to break the cycle. Medical detox doesn't just allow recovery to happen faster. It also allows for the recovery process to happen in the first place.

What Happens in Medical Detox?

Medical detox begins with a client being assessed. The assessment process will determine what the client needs for a successful detox. As mentioned before, addictive substances vary greatly. Their potency, withdrawal symptoms, and lasting effects depend on the specific substance. Once this has been determined, the client will then stay in a facility staffed by medical professionals who are trained to provide speedy and compassionate care. These facilities are designed to be comfortable, as fighting withdrawal symptoms is hard work. The bonus is that there will always be a medical professional nearby in case of an emergency.

During medical detox, clients are often prescribed medication. These medications are there to assist the detox process and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. Note that medical detox addresses acute (medically significant) withdrawal symptoms and not the psychological effects of detox, such as cravings. Psychological effects are dealt with in further treatment and therapy.

The length of time that the medical detox takes depends on several factors. Of course, the specific substance being used can determine the length needed for detox, but there are other factors besides that. How the substance was taken, such as injected or inhaled, can extend the detox process. It also matters in how long the substances were used, how often they were used, and the last time they were used. A client's sex, age, and medical history also play a role in the process. How long a person stays in medical detox varies, but the average is between three to ten days long.

The Driftwood Recovery Approach

Driftwood Recovery has a high standard for how medical detox is conducted on campus as part of its residential treatment program. Clients can expect the usual compassion and respect that comes with treatment at Driftwood Recovery. However, clients can also expect privacy alongside comfort and safety. By receiving treatment on a beautiful and secure campus, clients can relax and focus on what they must do to recover instead of struggling alone.

Driftwood Recovery takes a holistic approach to its treatments, which includes medical detox. This allows clients to have access to skills and tools that make the detox process as comfortable as possible. Yoga and other activities are used to reduce stress and allow clients to focus on healing. Clients are fed nutritious meals prepared by an in-house licensed chef designed to provide the strength they need to recover. They also participate in outdoor activities and exercise to focus their minds and create healthy habits.

Medical detox is hard work, so clients are given plenty of time to rest. Part of that includes enjoying the healing power of nature, allowing clients to connect with something stronger than addiction. Clients aren't simply left alone, as family is very important at Driftwood Recovery. Visits from loved ones can give clients the encouragement they need to overcome anything, including addiction. The courageous family program involves the family in the treatment process, bringing loved ones closer together.

There is nothing to fear while receiving medical detox at Driftwood Recovery. The staff genuinely cares about each client, working hard so they can succeed in recovering from addiction. Each client is treated with understanding and compassion and has a firm say in their treatment. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, the first step is to detox. For those in need of help, Driftwood Recovery will meet your needs and those of your loved ones. So don't wait to get help; reach out today.

Those who are struggling with addiction will often require a medical detox before they can begin treatment. This process can seem scary at first, especially for those who have medical trauma. However, it's a safe process overseen by medical professionals who can provide a more comfortable detox process. Here at Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood and Austin, Texas, clients can undergo their medical detox in safety, comfort, and privacy. Clients can expect to be treated with compassion and respect during the detox process, as judgment and shame are not welcome at Driftwood Recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call (512) 759-8330 today to learn more about the addiction treatment and medical detox process.