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Dee Forbes

HR & Operations Coordinator

Dee Forbes is no stranger to the treatment world and has learned to channel his lived experience as a source of strength in his current role. As a former Care Coordinator and Assistant House Manager, Dee is well-equipped to handle any operations or human resource challenge that comes his way. His patient, non-judgmental approach contributes to efficient problem-solving and effective interpersonal communication with team members and clients. In addition to assisting the Operations and HR Directors, Dee oversees the management of facilities at our SoCo IOP facility and Riverside Supportive Housing. He is an essential part of the quiet machinery that keeps things running smoothly at Driftwood Recovery.

The key to Dee’s personal and professional success has been surrounding himself with people who believe in him and push him to live the life he knows he deserves. He understands that listening is as important as being heard and serves as a cheerleader and champion of anyone willing to ask for help. Dee is a true team player, and his brilliant smile is a constant source of warmth around campus.

Dee enjoys painting, traveling, and going to spin classes with friends in his free time.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus