Lauren Walther - Courageous Family Addiction Program

Lauren Walther, LCSW, LCDC

Director of Family Programs

Lauren earnestly believes in engaging the entire support system in a healing recovery process.

Through her work with the Menninger Clinic in the Professionals in Crisis (PIC) unit and establishing the addictions track of the Pathfinder Program, Lauren was inspired to help clients and families identify their strengths to build fulfilling and meaningful lives, rather than just focusing on managing illness. She considers vulnerable connection with self and others to be the roots of wellness and satisfaction, so facilitating these connections is at the heart of her work.

As the Program Director, Lauren is responsible for supporting and overseeing the clinical team and the recovery program as a whole. Lauren also facilitates the Courageous Family program, leading groups to educate and ensure that the Driftwood families are equipped with the facts of addiction and their own well being.

When not working with clients and families she practices her own wellness by spending time in nature, snuggling with her two dogs, moving her body via yoga, rock climbing, and running, writing, improv, and nurturing relationships with family and friends.

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