How Driftwood Recovery Uses the Power of Nature to Inspire Healing

How Driftwood Recovery Uses the Power of Nature to Inspire Healing

The power of nature is something that many modern people have lost a connection with. It cannot be denied how important nature is to our mental and physical health. Sometimes, the absence of nature can leave behind a longing that can weigh heavily on our subconscious mind. That is why modern mental health care facilities work to harness the power of nature. Places like Driftwood Recovery choose places where the power of nature can be experienced. Even treatment facilities located in major metropolitan areas work to bring nature in as part of treatment. Exposure to nature promotes healing, inspires change, and provides comfort.

It can be difficult at first to understand how this power can help you and your loved ones. By examining how Driftwood Recovery utilizes nature, we can see why it's so important to recovery.

How the Power of Nature Promotes Healing

Driftwood Recovery is located in the state of Texas. Most people think of barren deserts when they picture Texas, but that's not the case. Texas has a wide range of biodiversity with a shifting, expansive landscape. From the deserts to the forests to the grasslands, it's hard to be bored when exploring the Texan wilderness.

It may be surprising, but this environment promotes healing with the power of nature. Nature has many things to teach us. One such lesson is that there is beauty and wonder in everything, including yourself. Life is special, so why not also take care of yourself?

Another lesson is to use the power of nature to find peace. The world is vast and amazing, but people often miss it because their conditions keep them trapped in misery. By literally expanding your horizons, you begin to see that your conditions do not define you. It's a humbling and uplifting experience to finally understand that you are capable of feeling and experiencing happiness.

The physical power of nature is also useful in the healing process. Exposure to sunlight has been proven to boost our mood. Fresh air can help refocus our thoughts so we do not become trapped in dangerous, circular, negative thoughts. Physical activity also improves our mood, lowers stress, and provides a healthy emotional outlet. The power of nature can be a catalyst for healing and change, but only if we know how to use it.

Reconnecting With Nature at Driftwood Recovery

Part of treatment at Driftwood Recovery is reconnecting with nature. Many clients come from the city, where their interactions with nature are rare to nonexistent. Clients at Driftwood Recovery spend time on campus, where they can freely interact with the nature around them. Regardless of whether clients are in a residential or outpatient treatment program, they are encouraged to feel the power of nature in their daily lives.

Driftwood Recovery also acts as a launch board for further interactions with the power of nature. Texas is full of wilderness parks that everyone can explore. By spending time at Driftwood Recovery, clients gain the confidence they need to expand their experiences by spending time at Driftwood Recovery. For example, a client struggling with depression may at first see little point in leaving the house. With time and treatment, the same client may find the confidence to go outside a little at a time. Eventually, they can find the power in themselves to experience a natural wonder, such as the monarch butterfly migration. Being able to witness such an event would not be possible if they couldn't reconnect with the power of nature.

The Power of Nature in Mental Health Treatment

Most therapies and treatments at Driftwood Recovery utilize the power of nature. Those struggling with conditions such as addiction, mood disorders, and chronic pain especially find healing in these therapies. Perhaps the most looked forward to therapy is therapeutic recreation. This therapy uses activities to build confidence and find joy in healthy activities. It may look like simple play, but it can play a big part in health and recovery. Experiential therapy is similar to therapeutic recreation but has the added goal of replacing painful memories with new, exciting experiences.

Clients are also encouraged to move their bodies as a part of holistic treatment. This treatment philosophy encourages treatment for all aspects of a person, including physical health. Clients are guided into an exercise regimen that suits their physical ability and needs. With the oversight of professional and proper equipment, clients can exercise safety. Other activities, such as outdoor guided meditation and yoga, provide care to one's spiritual self as well. Therapies such as art therapy also make use of the outdoors. It's not uncommon to see clients enjoying the outdoors with a sketchbook or pocket paint set in hand.

Driftwood Recovery encourages clients to use the power of nature even after treatment is finished. With an extensive alumni program and community, new alumni find fellowship in their fellow peers. It's common for alumni to meet up and enjoy an outdoor activity together. Texas is full of streams for kayaking, trails to hike, and stars to gaze at. These activities give alumni common ground and a support network that can protect and nurture their continuous recovery.

The power of nature exists in every step of treatment at Driftwood Recovery, which gives clients a level of healing they may not have experienced before. Even at times of rest when a client can simply sit outside and enjoy the sunshine contributes to the healing process. This healing persisted during treatment and can continue long after treatment as long as you continue to use the power of nature.

Nature can be a powerful healing force for those struggling with addiction, chronic pain, and other mental health conditions. It's important enough that many treatment facilities, such as Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood and Austin, Texas, are built in such a way to provide clients with the healing power of nature. Clients at Driftwood Recovery are encouraged to utilize this power by enjoying the beautiful campus and participating in outdoor therapeutic activities. Under the instruction of professionals, clients learn to find joy in places they have missed, a skill that will help in the recovery process. If you or a loved one needs help, contact Driftwood Recovery today by calling (512) 759-8330.